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Got “Digital Marketing Strategy”?
Confusing “Digital Marketing Strategy” (DMS) with “Social Media Marketing Strategy” is dangerous for small and medium businesses (SMEs). Social media strategy and management is only one aspect of a DMS. 

Nevertheless, the terms are indeed ambiguous, and it could be hard to ask the right questions to get the right connotations. It is not without a hassle to define DMS. 

Searching for clarification in Google search engine you get millions of hits, the ocean of results is shown below.

The Question Remains: What Is A DMS? 
In few words, I would describe it as a meticulously elaborated plan (medium to long-term) that facilitates the presentation (sale) of your company’s products and services to digital audiences (customers).

What Does A DMS Include? 
That depends on the size of the business and the marketing budget. However, it should include at least the following: 

1) Initial Analyses (competition, digital & printed channels, resources)
2) Goals & Campaigns’ Objectives
3) Customer Personas & Target Audience(s)
4) Content Strategy & Content Calendar 
5) Execution & Measurement

There are also confusions regarding the terminology of what I call the factors of Digital Marketing Strategy. Some refer to these as components, elements , ingredients, as well as tactics & strategies. I prefer to think about the DMS as a formula that produces an exact result. 

How to Start with DMS?
You can Google “Digital Marketing Starting Kit,” get 80,200,000 hits and see you in 2 years. 
The better option is to write to with “Starting DMS” as subject. You will receive a format where the preliminary analyses are outlined. Afterwards you will obtain for free a DMS Starting Plan for the next 6 or 12 months. 

There is beauty in simplicity: so, no more drowning with Google! 

dCommsHub home in ESPOO city

Entrepreneur in Espoo – entrepreneurship contributes to society
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Mily  Vazquez Harkivi was surprised by Espoo’s entrepreneurial atmosphere when she moved to the city with her family three years ago. Born in Mexico, Mily has lived in Finland for 11 years, first in Tampere and Helsinki. In Espoo, Mily has found a home that is a good place to live and work. The energetic woman has now launched her own business offering communication services, focusing on SMEs in particular. Mily Vazquez Harkivi was born in the industrial city of Monterrey in Northern Mexico. It was love that brought her to Finland. Mily was a versatile communications officer in the human resources department of Perlos, a company that manufactured plastic cases for Nokia. There she met her future Finnish husband who was working for the same company. Mily has always enjoyed and appreciated work. When the depression hit, she found herself in a completely new situation. Mily’s husband’s work at Perlos also ended. Mily felt that she had no particular reason to remain in her native Mexico and decided to move to Finland with him. They got married in the same year – in the summer of 2007– and Mily began to study Finnish. “The Finnish welfare system surprised me. I was prepared to pay for my language courses. I was astonished when the employment office informed me that the courses were free,” says a delighted Mily. She found it important to learn Finnish to facilitate her integration into a new country and culture. Espoo has a great team spirit The couple lived in Tampere until Mily was accepted to the University of Helsinki. 

After a year’s long-distance relationship, Mily’s husband followed her to the capital city. From there they moved to Espoo three years ago. Since then, their family has grown to include two children, aged 3 and 1. Espoo means a lot to Mily. “Here I am home,” Mily says. It may often feel difficult to find one’s place in a new environment but Mily feels that Espoo matches her personality well. Espoo is a dear and natural choice for Mily thanks to its entrepreneurial attitude, internationality, nature and the easiness of everyday life for families with children. “Espoo combines an urban lifestyle to nature and peacefulness which are among Finland’s best assets,” she adds. “I think Espoo has a great team spirit. New acquaintances often share my way of thinking,” Mily says. She mentions the local Junior Chamber International – JCI Espoo – as an example. According to Mily, the active JCI chapter differs from several other JCIs because it for example organises family-friendly events that the outgoing woman appreciates. Entrepreneurship adds value to society Launching her own business was a natural choice for Mily who hails from a family of entrepreneurs. “Both of my grandfathers were entrepreneurs. It comes to me naturally. However, one does not simply found a business just like that. I needed help and EnterpriseEspoo provided it to me. Without their advice, I would not have become an entrepreneur. And I am not exaggerating,” says a thankful Mily. She feels that EnterpriseEspoo is genuinely interested in supporting the growth of new businesses in Espoo. Founding a business was surprisingly easy in Finland. 

Mily often talks about attitudes towards entrepreneurs. She has met people with negative attitudes towards entrepreneurship. This has influenced her mental image of the Finnish society to some extent. Mily has also noticed more negative attitudes towards entrepreneurship in Finland than in her native Mexico. “Becoming an entrepreneur is a great way to develop the surrounding society. It is not just a means to make money. I feel at home at JCI Espoo especially because they teach their members how to influence society through their entrepreneurial activities. Entrepreneurship adds value to society. If your actions have a positive impact even on a single family, it matters. Hard values are not my thing. Businesses are always run by people, and no company is just an anonymous actor. In my home city of Monterrey, corporate responsibility and ethics are important business factors,” Mily says. 

dCommsHub offers extensive communication services to SMEs in particular Mily’s communication service company dCommsHub has received a warm welcome. She already has one long-term customer. After becoming a private trader, Mily has actively focused on sales to acquire new customers, focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular. “SMEs need professional communications just like large companies. Many entrepreneurs take care of their own communications because they feel it is an easy task. However, professional communication and marketing services are a great investment because they speed up business. Communications are time-consuming which makes outsourcing an excellent option for many entrepreneurs. This frees up time for running the actual business,” Mily points out. Getting a newly-founded business off the ground takes hard word and a proper attitude. Sales require a lot of time, patience and endurance. One must believe in oneself, even if customer acquisition may take a while. “It takes courage and a positive attitude to pull through. Having a versatile education also gave me the courage to become a business-owner,” Mily says.

About Mily  Vazquez  Harkivi

Entrepreneur and mother of two currently living in Espoo. Founded her business dCommsHub in early 2018. dCommsHub offers extensive communication services to SMEs in particular Languages: Spanish, English, Finnish Former experience in communications from companies such as Perlos, Nokia and UPM Education: Master of Social Sciences (University of Helsinki), Master of Arts in Speech Communication (English, Finnish). Minor subject studies: Business Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (Hanken School of Economics). More information:

Kuva&Kamera Exhibition, Helsinki

Helsinki: from East & West.
Espoo, March 2-4, 2018. This local exhibition in Helsinki gathered together professional photographers, camera manufacturers, camera shops, digital printing companies, and other digital actors such as Apple User's Association (Apple-käyttäjät ry) and the Digi worker's trade association DigiMama.

The first day of the exhibition the doors opened early for professionals. Later many could enjoy interesting informative sessions, one was conducted by Mikael Suomela from Apple-käyttäjät ry. He showed how to edit videos using iMovie on the iPad and iPhone, he made it look as easy as posting in Facebook.

A very motivational speech was delivered by Jaana Villanen from DigiMaMa ry. The topic was about being bold when developing a business. Although there is enough literature about this topic, Jaana was able to deliver it in a very creative and interactive way, involving the public in the dicussion. One of her main ideas was that change cannot be avoided, but embraced intelligently and bravely.

The event was relaxed but very pertinent to business considering that pictures and videos are the new steaks of Social Media.
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